Monsters – Story fragment

Children should be allowed to be carefree and happy. They should not have to bear the weight of guilt and fear at such a young age. Some children are not so lucky. Some children have to run and hide from a monster that calls himself uncle, or daddy. Some children are not allowed the luxury of laughter, they are given only tears.

These children appear to live normal lives, sometimes they do laugh, but it is never for long and never quite sounds right.




Is he still out there?

                The child peers around the side of her hidey hole, hoping she won’t be found. Praying that he has given up, even though she knows that isn’t possible.

Oh, when will mommy be back?

She knew that she would not be safe until her mother and aunt came back from their shopping trip. She had begged not to be left with him to babysit, but they didn’t understand. She looked behind her to check on her cousin. They were hiding together in this perverted hide and seek game they were forced to play. Soon they knew he would find them. They tried not to think of what would happen then, what had happened before….

It wasn’t always like this. She hadn’t always felt afraid in this house. There was a time when she could laugh and play with her cousins without fear. She didn’t know what she had done to make things change, she was just sure that it must be her fault. She was just glad that she didn’t live here, she only had to worry about visits. Shawna, poor thing, was here all the time. That was why she was trying to protect her, after all she was two years younger.

“Is he coming, Jenna?

“Shhh. I told you to be quiet!”

I hope he didn’t hear…


A huge hand reached into their hiding place and grabbed Jenna by her collar. She squeaked in fear even as she hoped that Shawna would keep quiet. Maybe he wouldn’t realize that they were both in there.


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